Hawk Tower at Stadium Place | SODO Builders


  • Apex Tower Crane and Apex Steel joined forces to erect two 21 story towers in the North Lot of Century Link field. The one tower is the Embassy Suites Hotel, the closest hotel to Century Link. The other an office tower closest to the transportation hub in Seattle.
  • Apex Steel erected just under 1000 pieces of precast panels. Apex Steel erected a variety of steel, including the proprietary bracing system visible from Century Link Field, the skybridges linking the towers, as well as placed the iconic Seahawk Sculpture at the entrance.
  • Apex Tower Crane erected, climbed and dismantled a 540 Luffing tower crane with the challenge of removing the climbing frame from the luffer every climb due to minimal clearance to the proximity of the structure. And also erected, climbed and dismantled a 420 tower crane to a final height of 354’.
  • Apex Tower Crane erected, climbed, maintained and dismantled 2 Avro 6000AVR 600 dual car man lift to a finished height of 240’.
  • Apex Hoist purchased and leased the dual car man lifts to Sodo Builders to meet the demand in the market.