Judith River Bridge


In 2010, a flood washed out 2 main support towers on the 100 year old Louistown, MT Railroad Bridge leaving 300′ of the 1200′ trestle severely damaged. Apex’s scope of work included dismantle of the 300′ damaged section, erect two new towers, refurbish and replace the existing girders and erect new precast deck. However after further analysis, Apex came up with the plan to use an engineered tipping system to tip the existing 125′ towers and dismantle them on the ground in lieu of dismantling them in the air. This process saved two weeks of schedule and avoided high risk work. When the damaged section his the ground, it registered a 2.0 earthquake by the University of Montana. Apex retrofitted the girders on site, re-erected the girders and installed new precast.