5th & Columbia


  • Apex Tower Crane tackled a very challenging scope at the 4th tallest building in the city of Seattle, now known as The Mark.
  • Apex Tower Crane erected and climbed the 550 Leibherr Crane inside the footprint of the building to a final height of 860’.
  • The Mark had logistical challenges due to the lack of space to erect a tall enough crane to dismantle the 550.
  • Apex Tower Crane executed the following sequence of events to overcome the challenge.
    • Erect a Liebherr 316 tower crane on a cross frame on the roof top using the 550 crane .
    • Climb the 316 and down climb the 550
    • Dismantle the 550 with the 316
    • Once the 550 was dismantled, down climb and erect Derrick to dismantle the 316
    • Erect an engineered tight line system to run parallel to the building during dismantle to prevent wind pushing the 316 components into the building during the 850’ trip down due to the slower speed of the Derrick.
    • Dismantle the Derrick with the permanent Building Maintenance Unit.
  • Apex Tower Crane also erected, climbed and dismantled one single car man lift and one dual car man lift to final heights of 767’ and 594’ respectively.