Toyota Fan Deck at Century Link Field


Apex was asked to build the addition of the Toyota Fan Deck in Century Link Field. This project had a logistical problem since the deck was to be erected after the building was complete and the only way to access the deck was inside the stadium. Apex devised a plan through innovation, preplanning and special trucks. Apex started by delivering a folded 550 ton crane through the player’s tunnel. With the center pin of the crane parked on the south goal line, Apex build the crane and then used it to hang the steel from inside the stadium. All of the steel was delivered through the tunnel using special trucks designed to make tight turns. This project had to be completed in a short period of time, after the end of the Seahawks season and before the Sounders FC season began. By using careful preplanning, Apex solved the logistical problem of building the Toyota Fan Deck from the inside of the stadium in just 3 weeks.